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Airspace Monitoring Service™

Hidden Level’s mission is to enable the safe integration of drones into the National Airspace System (NAS) by providing actionable airspace monitoring data through its advanced sensor technology network.

With use cases such as drone delivery becoming closer to reality, urban centers present the greatest challenge for ensuring security and enabling safe commercial drone operations. Current technologies offered today do not scale for the large area coverage needed for major cities, which is problematic to ensure long term viability and safety of the NAS.

The Airspace Monitoring Service™ (AMS) is offered as a cloud-based solution with no expensive on-premise equipment or software to be owned or maintained. Hidden Level’s sensors are strategically installed on existing infrastructure, buildings, rooftops, cell towers, etc. to form a comprehensive low altitude airspace picture.

Airspace Monitoring Service illustration

The drone detection and tracking data from AMS integrates directly into a facility’s Video Management Software (VMS), Security Operations Center (SOC), or Situational Awareness Platform as a simple add on service. AMS data is already compatible with popular security platform providers. AMS subscription fees depend on the use case for data fidelity and the coverage area desired, which customers can customize to only get what they need.

The flexibility provided by the Airspace Monitoring Service™ provides many benefits to the end user:

  • Eliminates burden on a facility, venue, or entity to own, operate, or accommodate expensive and rapidly changing technology
  • Provides greater warning time, leading to fast and efficient responses from security and law enforcement to handle unwanted drone incursions
  • Large area coverage reaches a diverse customer group who can share in the service benefits including customization of coverage area