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Hidden Level continues work with NASA Ames

Mountain View, CA-based NASA Ames Research Center continues to work with Hidden Level, as a subcontractor to Science and Technology Corporation, on Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) and Advanced Aerial Mobility (AAM) applications of the Airspace Monitoring Service (AMS) data feed.

In November, Hidden Level installed a network of its sensors to bring a live instance of its AMS to Moffett Federal Airfield. Integration of the AMS feed with NASA UTM/AAM services allows for real time monitoring of cooperative and non-cooperative low altitude airspace traffic. AMS data can be used for airspace characterization research efforts, vertiport safe takeoff and landing, flight conformance monitoring, and more.

“Working with NASA allows Hidden Level to bring its capabilities to the forefront of research and technology development,” said James Licata, VP of Strategy and Partnerships at Hidden Level. “The future of safe low-altitude airspace applications will depend on the maturation of new infrastructure and services like our Airspace Monitoring Service”.

The installation follows successful surrogate testing done in Syracuse, NY in May of 2021, which consisted of numerous flights over Onondaga Lake while Hidden Level’s sensor network monitored the airspace and reported the location of any UAS.

Airspace Monitoring Service (AMS) in Mountain View, CA

The goal of UTM/UAM operations research is to help manage large numbers of drones flying at low altitude along with other airspace users and create a system that can integrate drones safely and efficiently into air traffic that is already flying in low-altitude airspace. That way, package delivery and fun flights won’t interfere with helicopters, airplanes, nearby airports or even safety drones being flown by first responders helping to save lives. UTM is based on digital sharing of each user’s planned flight details. Each user will have the same situational awareness of the airspace.

Hidden Level Observes a multi-drone flight operation in Syracuse, NY

Hidden Level has also been working together with Joby Aviation to advance the safety of urban air mobility operations in the U.S. national airspace system. Through this partnership, Hidden Level and Joby have agreed to share expertise in designing and deploying scalable airspace operations based on data generated from Hidden Level’s custom-built sensors, which are strategically installed in dense urban environments.

About Hidden Level

Founded in 2018, Hidden Level is led by a team of skilled sensor experts with more than a decade of experience building innovative sensor solutions for both military and commercial customers. Hidden Level’s airspace monitoring service delivers the only industry solution that provides secure, accurate low-altitude airspace monitoring at scale. By eliminating the burden of owning, operating and maintaining expensive and rapidly changing sensor technology equipment, Hidden Level provides its customers only what is necessary—real-time, actionable data at a fraction of the cost.