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Hidden Level Joins Xelevate Unmanned Systems Center of Excellence

Washington D.C. Area Facility Provides a Safe Flight Environment for UAS Testing

Syracuse, NY – Hidden Level has joined the Xelevate Unmanned Systems Center of Excellence in Leesburg Virginia, that provides a safe environment for testing of drone technologies, facility space and the ability to collaborate with other Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)-focused companies. Hidden Level will have a dedicated office/lab space onsite. The space will be used for demonstrations, meetings, and conferences and will feature live data streams of Hidden Level’s Airspace Monitoring data from cities around the U.S.

Example drone flight detected by Hidden Level’s AMS in Mountain View, CA

Hidden Level’s revolutionary Airspace Monitoring Service (AMS) offers a best-in-class solution to the complex problem of drone detection. Its low-altitude airspace monitoring technology offers an accessible, scalable and affordable solution for public venues, municipal infrastructure, utilities and events, as well as corporate security and law enforcement, critical infrastructure protection, smart cities and commercial drone traffic management.

Xelevate provides the first and only 66-acre facility located within one hour of Washington D.C. dedicated to UAS testing, development, training, innovation, and demonstration with FAA compliant airspace. The facility is used by commercial entities, government agencies, law enforcement and other public safety-focused organizations.

The Xelevate Unmanned Systems Center of Excellence is safeguarded by an on-site ‘Air Boss’ who implements Xelevate safety policies/standard operating procedures (SOPs) and manages the skies during all flight activities. The Senior Air Boss is an FAA-Certified Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot with 40+ years’ experience supporting high-priority aerial and technology-based government missions.

Jeff Cole, CEO & Co-Founder of Hidden Level

“Joining Xelevate not only gives us a dedicated space near Washington to test and demonstrate our drone detection systems, but it will allow us to collaborate and innovate with industry leaders”, said Jeff Cole, CEO at Hidden Level. “We are extremely excited to join the Unmanned Systems Center of Excellence and are looking forward to expanding our facilities and demonstration capabilities.”

Marcy Eisenberg, President and Co-Founder of Xelevate

“Relevant innovation can only be attained through a collaborative environment that identifies industry trends, capability gaps, and bourgeoning use cases, and applies solutions accordingly. This is exactly Xelevate’s DNA, that is fostered by having the first-of-its kind physical UAS ecosystem on-site at our Facility. Having Hidden Level’s unique sensor and data capabilities as a part of the ecosystem at Xelevate will only further propel innovation, collaboration, and solutions for the future as we strive towards government, military and commercial solutions for the next horizon- Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations in the Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system.”

About Hidden Level

Founded in 2018, Hidden Level is led by a team of skilled sensor experts with more than a decade of experience building innovative sensor solutions for both military and commercial customers. Hidden Level’s airspace monitoring service delivers the only industry solution that provides secure, accurate low-altitude airspace monitoring at scale. By eliminating the burden of owning, operating and maintaining expensive and rapidly changing sensor technology equipment, Hidden Level provides its customers only what is necessary—real-time, actionable data at a fraction of the cost.

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