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Hidden Level Receives APFIT Funding From the Department of Defense

With its drone sensing and tracking technology, Hidden Level will play a key role in the Accelerate the Procurement and Fielding of Innovating Technologies (APFIT) program to assist innovative technologies passing over the Valley of Death.

Hidden Level Inc. has been selected by the Department of Defense (DOD) to receive $10 million in funding for the pilot program, Accelerate the Procurement and Fielding of Innovating Technologies (APFIT). As a pre-Series B sensor technology and drone defense company, Hidden Level is one of only eleven companies awarded funding by the DoD in 2023.

Being selected for APFIT funding is a huge vote of confidence by the DOD in our technology. We have always been confident in our capabilities, but this win is recognition that our technology can rapidly fill a significant gap in warfighting needs.

Jeff Cole, Hidden Level CEO

The APFIT pilot program will transition technologies from development into production and accelerate the fielding of those technologies to the warfighter. Hidden Level’s game-changing technology will provide Tactical Passive Radar for Counter Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) for the U.S. Army.

APFIT funding will help deliver war-winning capability a year or two earlier than scheduled while contributing to the health of the U.S. industrial base through investments in small businesses or nontraditional defense-developed capabilities.

Given $150 million by Congress in 2023, The National Defense Authorization Act of FY22 was created as a merit-based, competitive program for innovative and mature technologies and products to meet warfighter demands that lack the necessary funding to field.

It is a credit to Hidden Level’s ground-breaking drone tracking sensing technology that it is one of the few companies chosen for this program. For more information on Hidden Level’s technological solutions, please visit

About Hidden Level

Founded in 2018, Hidden Level is led by a team of skilled sensor experts with more than a decade of experience building innovative sensor solutions for both military and commercial customers. Hidden Level’s airspace monitoring service delivers the only industry solution that provides secure, accurate low-altitude airspace monitoring at scale. By eliminating the burden of owning, operating, and maintaining expensive and rapidly changing sensor technology equipment, Hidden Level provides its customers only what is necessary—real-time, actionable data at a fraction of the cost.

Source: Hidden Level