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One9 Invests in Syracuse based Hidden Level, Inc.

Cutting edge dual-use RF spectrum technology to be brought north of the border

OTTAWA, ON, March 7, 2023 /CNW/ – ONE9 Special Mission Fund I (“ONE9”) announced today its investment in Syracuse based Hidden Level Inc., a dual-use technology developer of passive sensing technology across the full radio frequency (RF) spectrum in high-interference environments. Hidden Level utilizes next generation RF sensing technology to provide multi-domain awareness as part of its counter-unmanned aircraft system (UAS) suite and Airspace Monitoring Service (AMS).

“It’s all about situational awareness and speed to decision-making,” said Glenn Cowan, Founder and Managing Partner of ONE9. “Hidden Level’s ability to deploy their technology seamlessly and inexpensively in densely populated urban centres provides timely and high-quality data about everything happening in the airspace – an environment that is only growing in complexity.”

From a national security perspective, UAS present threats at the tactical level as much as they do the strategic. Whether over a conflict-zone like Ukraine that is experiencing first-hand the impact of low cost UAS, or over continental North America where adversarial nation states are penetrating airspace with strategic surveillance collection assets, effective UAS detection and airspace management enhance the speed and quality of decision-making. Hidden Level’s unrivalled ability to exploit the RF spectrum for detection and situational awareness make its AMS indispensable for effective decision-making at all levels.

“Bringing in ONE9 as an investment partner was a no-brainer for us,” stated Jeff Cole, CEO of Hidden Level. “Having a strategic partner in Canada with such a depth of knowledge and access to key markets significantly strengthens our position and allows our company to solve key national security challenges on both sides of the border.”

About ONE9

ONE9 is Canada’s leading dual-use technology innovation ecosystem for critical infrastructure and national security. Anchored by Canada’s first security-focused venture capital fund, Special Mission Fund I, ONE9 provides unparalleled access to proprietary deal flow emanating from compartmentalized programs in the Five-Eyes defence, security, and intelligence communities. ONE9’s unique and agile “Task Force” of subject matter experts have a deep understanding of end-user requirements, honed through years of experience in special operations, intelligence, law, policy, and venture capital. These skillsets are operationalized through ONE9 Capability Labs, a hub dedicated to finding, nurturing, and validating emerging and disruptive dual-use technologies through public/private partnerships to deliver cutting edge tools to national security end-users.