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We provide Safety Through Sensing™

Our partners lean on our insights and problem solving—which means their customers benefit from better, more informed services and products.

Airspace Monitoring Service

We deploy and maintain a scalable solution capable of monitoring the low altitude airspace for the entirety of major cities. As a result, the burden of owning and operating expensive technology is lifted for our customers


  • Smart Cities icon
    Smart Cities

    Enabling the safe integration of drones over urban areas to increase municipal efficiencies and unlock economic opportunity

  • Corporate Security & Law Enforcement icon
    Corporate Security & Law Enforcement

    Reducing complexity for entities to tackle drone security

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection icon
    Critical Infrastructure Protection

    Providing greater warning time with even lower false alarm rates

  • Public Venues & Events icon
    Public Venues & Events

    Reducing additional burden with seamless Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) integration

  • Commercial Drone Traffic Management icon
    Commercial Drone Traffic Management

    Providing robust situational awareness data to UAS service suppliers


A next-level team solving next-level problems

We’re on a mission to continue building a team that’s unfazed by the challenges of future technology.

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