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One Data Service, Multiple Applications

The Airspace Monitoring Service (AMS) network of distributed passive RF detection sensors is built into the city infrastructure, providing low altitude airspace detection and tracking capabilities over entire cities. AMS sensors are owned, operated, and maintained by Hidden Level with a focus on providing an easy-to-use DaaS model with real-time monitoring of your airspace.

Common Operating Picture

Hidden Level built AMS with the idea of providing a data service accessible to multiple customers across jurisdictions, allowing for seamless coordination for Federal, State, Local, and Private entities to ensure personnel, property, and sites are secure.

By offering a solution built directly into the existing infrastructure, Hidden Level provides a single pane of glass for security leaders to receive increased early warning and coordinate with local, state and federal law enforcement to locate the controller and mitigate the threat.

Hidden Level will provide you with your own customized UI (User Interface) or allow you access to the AMS data feed, which can be integrated directly into your current GIS application.

Software Defined Flexibility

Hidden Level provides regular product updates, to keep drone detection capabilities working across new commercially available drone models and manufacturers. New features and performance improvements are pushed to all sensors in the network at least twice a year (e.g. Remote ID detection capability included in last update of 2022).

Plug and Play Methodology

  • 3D Data Feed

    RESTful API provides UAS flight path and other information to subscribers

  • Real-Time Location Data

    provided in GeoJSON compatible format

  • Communication

    secured by TLS 1.2

  • Authentication

    via API key