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Ideas for taking industry to the next level

We’re constantly working to push the UAS industry forward, which means you can catch us at events as well as sharing our thoughts through whitepapers. Reach out if we can help!

Featured Whitepapers

  • Legality of AMS
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    October 2022

    There is a strong public policy argument in favor of the ability to lawfully use UAS detection and identification technology. In August of 2020, an interagency Advisory was issued that outlines the questions and considerations for application and use of Counter UAS technologies. This analysis will focus on issues relevant to passive RF technology and the interagency advisory.

  • Realizing Remote ID
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    November 2019

    Reflecting on the 2017 ARC Report and the imminent release of the ASTM F38 Specification for UAS Remote ID, Hidden Level presents some of the long term gaps still facing the industry, the trade space between Remote ID technologies, and some proposed solutions to realize Remote ID.