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Our Commitment to Privacy

Hidden Level’s stated mission is to develop the most reliable and scalable sensor technology for a safer and smarter world. Our Airspace Monitoring System (AMS) is a best-in-class solution to the complex problem of drone detection which offers an accessible, scalable, and affordable solution for corporate security and law enforcement, critical infrastructure protection, public venues and events, smart cities, and commercial drone traffic management.

We understand that introducing a new layer of wide-area low altitude airspace monitoring technology raises questions about privacy, so we believe it is our duty to be responsible and transparent about the technology and applications of our AMS. Hidden Level diligently seeks to protect personal privacy, complies with all applicable laws, and stands firmly committed to using our capabilities to make the skies safer and generate positive impacts on communities.

A Focus on Personal Communication Privacy

Hidden Level makes low altitude airspace safer by monitoring the skies using our proprietary sensor technology. For example, our AMS features a passive antenna that monitors for emitted and reflected radio frequency (RF) signals across a wide frequency range. The technology focuses on identifying and estimating the location of small, unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) operations, particularly in areas featuring critical infrastructure and public gathering places. AMS sensor technology avoids collection of and reliance on Personally Identifiable Information (PII), breaking encrypted communications, and accessing underlying RF message content.

Compliance with All Communication Privacy Laws and Regulations

Hidden Level aspires to be an example of positive corporate citizenship, leading this new field of safe and equitable use of low altitude airspace with the highest regard for privacy. We operate under U.S. law and the strong protections it affords to communication privacy. Our sensors detect the presence and analyze characteristics of radio frequency signals from a variety of electronic devices in compliance with U.S. Title 18 including the Wiretap Act, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the Pen/Trap Statue. Our AMS data feed provided to customers estimates the geolocation and characterizes the attributes of these transmissions and/or origin source but does not intercept the content of protected communications or break encryption.

Safety Through Sensing – Low-Altitude Airspace Monitoring is Making the World Safer

Hidden Level believes that by providing an affordable and scalable way to use our sensor network to monitor low altitude airspace, people can make more thoughtful decisions about incorporating drones safely into daily life. Hidden Level is proud to produce shareable insights that can be used by law enforcement, municipalities, utilities, and others to protect critical infrastructure, counter illicit activities, and provide greater warning time to handle unwanted drone incursions. All our sensor products are designed, developed, and built in the U.S. We recognize our commercial product has potential defense applications, and we proudly work with the United States and its Allies. We will not sell to parties or individuals that are sanctioned or embargoed by the U.S. or United Nations, nor will we sell to China or Russia. Hidden Level complies with all U.S. export regulations.